Martinez, CA

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The Story of Creo Design:

Hi, I'm Trisha

Once I became a mom, things changed quite a bit..


The preconceived notion that the harder you work, the less stressed out you would be, was not working for me. I was drained and I had very little time to dream.


The inevitable finally happened. I completely crashed.


At this point, I knew that I had to do something to take action and care for myself.


The two things that I knew were missing from my “self-care package” were creativity and community. I knew that I needed to make them both a priority.


I began hosting private parties at my home with my friends. The socializing, laughter, and joy that these gatherings brought me were invaluable.


We found a way to nourish our friendships while doing something fun and productive. We were able to set time aside for ourselves to dream, socialize, and have fun!


The feedback that I received from friends was that they felt reset, accomplished, and inspired.


This is when I decided to share my passion with the world.


Creo Design was born.

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